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 The incredible multioccupationalist. Her list of professions is still growing. She is a dancer, choreograph, fire-dancer, circus artist, and -director, as well as a psychologist, supervisor, coach, and landscape builder.

In this team and everywhere else she is always a great source of inspiration, experience, and knowledge.



Designer, creator and choreograph of the duo.

On the way to becoming a full-time artist, she was working in the medical area. Now she finally found an outlet for all this craziness going on and creates with joy new performances and brings uncommon things with a bit colour and glue to life.



The home and creative space of the DUO. A small old farm on the paradise-island Hiiumaa in Estonia. Most of the pieces are born there, some of the workshops are held and the in summer, the social circus groups tent in the forest of the Tsirkusetalu. 

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